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02:09 pm: The fine line...
I saw a commercial at short-films website that was pretty cool - this woman was at a bar, and this guy went to hit on her. Then, suddenly, out of her chest, this thing shot out, grabbed the guy by the head, pulled him into her chest, and she swallowed him whole. She then gave a very satisfying *burp.* Very neat - I've always had this certain thing for the notion of being swallowed alive and whole by a giant plant, monster, or a snake. I guess the fetish is called "Vore," which is definitely an off the wall kink, but I find to be very erotic.

As usual, I have had an interesting conversation with a few people, but they are always just that...conversations. It is a dizzying line to walk between fantasy and a desire for reality, and one that you'd never know you'd cross if the opportunity arose. Of course, I'd like that opportunity to arise, if given a chance.

I need new tights - my old ones are boring, and it'd be nice to get more colors. Perhaps some green or blue would be a decent change?

I've also discovered a new way to choke myself - too fun! But, I am always weary about auto-erotic asphyxia, mostly because, if I was to die, I'd want to do it with someone else, or with a partner. Why die alone, especially if an erotic experience can be shared with a willing partner?

And I discovered I really like the show, "Lost." It is very cool, and the monster in the forest is awesome. I'd like to meet such a beast - huge, terrifying, and ready to rip you to shreds at a moments notice.

I had one of my "ghost" dreams again. It usually involves me being in some, dreary dark house. (Which, to me, is a perfect setting for such a dream, and a place I'd like to explore.) Down a corridor I can feel a dark, evil, malevolent presence in the most shadow-filled part of the house. Normally, a person may want to flee from such a forbidding place, but I am drawn to it. In the dream, I want to be absorbed and consumed by that presence, so I take a step and start heading down that corridor, frightened and yet thrilled at the same time....


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Date:March 9th, 2005 06:06 pm (UTC)

Hello there..

You can see it at www.ifilm.com. Go to Viral Video>Then click "Next 100," scroll down and look for "Planet Party - Sucker." Then click, and enjoy...There are lots of other fun videos to watch as well.

I found this particular video to be stimulating, especially if you like Vore...
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